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    China Post tracking packages from China

    China Post is a popular postal service used by many online stores in China to ship products domestically and internationally. Two common shipping options offered by China Post are China Post Air Mail and China Post Small Packet.

    China Post Air Mail is a fast and reliable way to ship packages internationally, with delivery times usually ranging from 10 to 20 days. It comes with a tracking number that can be used to track the package online.

    China Post Small Packet is a more affordable shipping option that is suitable for small and lightweight items. This shipping method does not offer online tracking, but customers can check the shipping status by contacting the seller.

    China Post tracking numbers typically have a format of 13 alphanumeric characters, with the first two letters indicating the type of package and the last two letters representing the country code. For example, a tracking number that starts with "CP" indicates that the package is being shipped by China Post, while a tracking number that ends with "US" indicates that the package is being shipped to the United States.

    Delivery times for international shipments can vary depending on the destination country and customs processing times. Customers should be prepared for possible delays and check with the seller for estimated delivery times.

    Overall, China Post is a reliable and cost-effective option for international shipping, with options to fit various needs and budgets.

    China Post Group Corporation is a state-owned postal company that provides domestic and international mail delivery services, issuing of stamps, e-business, and other postal agency businesses allowed by the Chinese government. It is the official postal service of China, operated by the State Post Bureau of the People's Republic of China. While other postal services such as TNT, DHL, Federal Express, and UPS are also available, China Post is the most economical option for international shipping, despite being the slowest.

    If you order an item from a Chinese supplier, you can choose any available postal service, but China Post is a cost-effective option. However, transit times are subject to change due to factors such as bad weather, customs checks, invalid address or number, among others. Thus, actual delivery times are usually longer than the promised delivery times.

    Tracking China Post Unregistered

    Unregistered packages sent via China Post usually consist of 13 alphanumeric characters that start with the letter U, such as UG533473760CN. These packages can only be tracked while in transit through China territory. After the package is exported to the destination country, it can no longer be tracked since it is an economy delivery and not registered at transit points. The only exception to this rule is the KazPost, which is the postal service of Kazakhstan and supports tracking of unregistered mail items coming into the country.

    How to change the address of the package?

    Typically, it is not possible to change the recipient's address once the package has been sent. It is recommended to track the package's status and once it arrives in the destination country, contact the local carrier to request an address change.

    China Post Small Packet

    China Post International Small Parcel service is an economical way to ship lightweight items below 2kg from China to other countries and regions. It can be registered to track the shipment and is suitable for items that meet the size requirements of 90 cm in length, width, and depth combined, and greatest dimension less than 60cm. Small parcels are typically delivered by air, surface air lifted (SAL), or surface transport. Registered air mail is widely used in the e-commerce market and by individual customers for items such as small parts, accessories, clothes, and shoes. A small parcel is safe and can be tracked if registered.

    China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is a non-registered option with lower rates but without shipment tracking or loss compensation. Registered Mail has a higher rate, but it can be tracked online and is commonly used for electronic products, accessories, clothes, and arts and crafts sold on eBay. The service is divided into three types by transportation means: Air Parcel, Surface Air Lift (SAL), and Surface Parcel. Delivery times vary depending on the transport method, ranging from 5-10 days to other Asian countries, 7-15 days to America and Europe, and 7-30 days to other countries.

    China Post Small Packet Tracking Number Format

    The Shipment ID for a registered small parcel is a 13-character code starting with "R" followed by a letter and 9 digits, and ending with "CN" (e.g., RS123456789CN). In contrast, the tracking number for China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is either 9 digits or a 13-character code starting with "U," followed by a letter and 9 digits, and ending with "CN" (e.g., 123436789, UN133456789CN).

    Official Website of China Post

    To directly track your shipment through the official website of China Post, visit For the corporate website of China Post, go to

    About China Post

    For online shoppers in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other countries, it's advisable to use legal and reputable postal services and confirm payment only after receiving the parcels. Most parcels will not get lost, and statistics from a professional tracking website show that it takes between 3 and 180 days for a parcel to reach its destination from China, with most parcels successfully delivered. In summary, China Post is a reliable and economical postal service for online shoppers, although delivery times can vary due to various factors.

    Estimated Arrival Time for China Post Airmail Packet

    Destination Avg. Arrival Time Avg. Arrival Days
    USA 7-60 Days 20
    UK 7-40 Days 15
    Canada 10-60 Days 30
    Australia 7-60 Days 30
    Germany 10-25 Days 18
    France 7-50 Days 20
    Egypt 25-30 Days 28
    Brazil 7-50 Days 25
    Denmark 7-25 Days 12
    Finland 7-40 Days 13
    India 10-50 Days 20
    Indonesia 10-25 Days 15
    Ireland 10-30 Days 20
    Italy 10-30 Days 18
    Japan 5-20 Days 10
    Malaysia 12-30 Days 20
    New Zealand 7-15 Days 12
    Norway 7-30 Days 15
    Philippines 10-20 Days 15
    Pakistan 12-50 Days 25
    Poland 7-18 Days 10
    Portugal 10-30 Days 20
    Saudi Arabia 15-50 Days 28
    Singapore 7-15 Days 9
    South Africa 40-90 Days 55
    South Korea 7-20 Days 12
    Spain 10-35 Days 20
    Sweden 7-20 Days 15
    Switzerland 7-15 Days 12
    Thailand 5-15 Days 10
    Turkey 10-35 Days 20
    UAE 10-30 Days 18
    Uzbekistan 20-40 Days 30
    Vietnam 10-25 Days 18

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