Unable to track parcel tracking

Unable to track parcel


    Tracking parcel:

    Why is my parcel not tracking?

    Are you unable to track your parcel?

    If your order was just shipped, please wait for 1-3 days after receiving the shipment notification before checking for updates. Alternatively, try again later as some shippers may take up to 24 hours to add tracking information.

    Did you enter the order number instead of the tracking number? Ensure that you enter the tracking number, which can be found on your order page or in the shipment notification email.

    Be careful when typing the tracking number, as people often confuse digit "0" (zero) with the letter "O".

    Did you enter the correct number of repeated digits in the tracking number (e.g. 0000)? It's easy to miss a digit or add one more than necessary.

    If you copy and paste the tracking number, verify that there are no unwanted prefixes or postfixes such as "N°", "#", ",", or "-".

    Why has my parcel tracking stopped updating?

    If your parcel's tracking has stopped updating, it's usually just a delay in delivery or in the tracking system registering progress. But if your parcel has gone past its expected delivery date, you should contact your retailer/seller to open an inquiry.

    Why did my shipment get stuck at customs?

    It can be frustrating to have your shipment held at customs, especially if you frequently order international items online. If your package is stuck in customs, it could be due to one of three reasons: incomplete customs clearance documentation, unpaid taxes, or prohibited/restricted items in the package. To learn more about how to handle a package held at customs, you can refer to additional resources.

    What do I do if my shipment is stuck in customs?

    To determine if your shipment is stuck in customs, contact your carrier, such as DHL or FedEx, but be cautious of premium rates. If your shipment is stuck, check for unpaid taxes and pay them if necessary. If that doesn't work, contact your shipper, who can reach out to the carrier or fulfillment company. In most cases, patience is the only option, as customs can hold packages for extended periods. However, beware of dishonest sellers from China who may under-declare package value to lower taxes. This could result in package confiscation, so ensure that you're not involved in tax evasion.