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    FedEx tracking parcels

    FedEx Express is the leader in express distribution, delivering time-definite shipments to over 220 countries and territories. With over 3.9 million business-day deliveries, FedEx Express is the world's largest express transportation company. You can easily track your shipment and check its status for up to 90 days after delivery, and signature proof of delivery is available for up to 18 months for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments, and 2 years for FedEx Freight shipments. Our guide provides you with the information you need to find your tracking number, track your package, and understand shipment status updates.

    FedEx Tracking

    You can easily track your FedEx shipment by entering your tracking number, reference, proof of delivery, or TCN. With FedEx, you can track shipments of various types, including Express, Ground, Freight, and Custom Critical.

    FedEx provides multiple tracking options to suit your preferences. Simply enter your tracking number to get the status of your shipment and proof of delivery.

    Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when tracking your FedEx shipment:

    • Track in near real-time without having to log in
    • Get a one-click update on the homepage
    • Save your shipments for quick updates in real-time using our custom mobile app
    • View all your shipments on one clear interface
    • Create nicknames for your shipments for easier tracking

    Track FedEx by Tracking Number

    The tracking process for all FedEx packages is reliant on the unique FedEx tracking number. This number is a 12-digit code where all shipment details are encrypted. When shipping a package at a retail location or after making an eCommerce purchase, a unique number is assigned to each parcel. While FedEx assigns a 12-digit number, there are also tracking numbers that contain 10, 15, 20, and 22 digits, but typically, they do not contain any letters.

    Your tracking number is usually printed on the shipping label and will be automatically sent to you via email when you complete an eCommerce purchase. If you're shipping a package at any FedEx location, the tracking number will be provided to you.

    To check the status of your shipment, simply enter your tracking number above and click on "Track Package." You can also use your FedEx tracking number to track your package by reference, obtain proof of delivery, or TCN. FedEx allows tracking of packages sent via Express, Ground, Freight, and Custom Critical services.

    Whether you're wondering about the current location of your package or when it will be delivered, FedEx's tracking system makes it easy to stay up-to-date on the status of your shipment. Simply enter your tracking number and get the latest information on your package in just a few clicks.

    FedEx Tracking from China

    Type in your FedEx tracking number or Door Tag number into the search field above and get real-time updates on the status of your package. Our service utilizes data from various Chinese delivery companies to track your shipment's journey in China, as well as its progress after it arrives in your country. Stay informed every step of the way with our reliable and convenient tracking service.

    FedEx Tracking from Hong Kong

    Tracking your FedEx package from Hong Kong SAR, China is now simpler than ever. Instead of navigating the FedEx, USPS, UPS or other courier websites, you can use our easy tracking service. Simply enter your tracking number and let us handle the rest. Alternatively, you can always track directly on if you prefer.

    FedEx Tracking US Ground?

    To track your shipment online, simply enter the 12-digit tracking number in the search field and click on "Track Package" to get real-time updates on your shipment's progress. With our tracking service, you can easily stay up-to-date on the location and delivery status of your package.

    FedEx Tracking from US to Canada

    You can easily check the status of your shipments without having to call FedEx customer service. Simply enter your FedEx tracking number into the search field above and get real-time updates on the status of your package. This 24/7 tracking service allows you to track your package anytime, anywhere, without the need to wait on hold for a customer service representative.

    FedEx Smartpost Returns Tracking

    To track your FedEx Smartpost Returns shipment, simply find the tracking number, which is usually a 20-digit code starting with "023" for IMpb barcodes or "58" for non-IMpb barcodes. Enter the tracking number in the search field above and click "Track Package" to get the latest updates on your shipment through our tracking service at

    FedEx Tracking from US to UK, India, Mexico

    To track your FedEx package from the US, you can use the same process as tracking packages within the US. Simply locate your tracking number from the email shipment confirmation, FedEx receipt, or online store's order page, and enter it into the package search field above.

    What Numbers Can I Track?

    You can track any shipment with FedEx Express®, FedEx Express® Freight, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery®, FedEx SmartPost®, FedEx Freight®, or FedEx Custom Critical® by entering the tracking number.

    For Door Tag tracking, enter the 12-digit number starting with "DT" and click on the underlined tracking number for more details. You can enter up to 30 Door Tag tracking numbers at once, with one number per line.

    FedEx Door Tag Tracking in USA, Canada

    If you received a FedEx door tag, you can find instructions on how to retrieve your package. If your package was not delivered, you can pick it up at the FedEx location listed on the back of the tag after the specified time. To make other pickup and delivery arrangements, call 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339) and bring the door tag and a government-issued photo identification with the recipient's address.

    If FedEx made a delivery attempt and you missed it, they will make another attempt the next business day unless other arrangements are made. If a signature is required for delivery and the orange box is checked, you can sign your name to authorize the delivery. The Door Tag Number starts with DT followed by 12 numbers, which can be used to track your package(s). Finally, if your package(s) have been delivered, the tag will indicate where it was placed to minimize theft or damage.

    FedEx International Economy Tracking

    To track your shipment online with FedEx International Economy, simply enter the 12-digit tracking number displayed on your FedEx International Air Waybill. This shipping option provides economical delivery to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico in 2-3 business days, and to over 215 countries and territories in 2-5 business days. Additionally, you can import from more than 90 countries and territories.

    Why didn’t the FedEx Express courier leave my package?

    Your package was not left for any of the following reasons:

    • A signature is required for delivery.
    • Import duties and taxes need to be collected.
    • The package contains dangerous goods that require special handling.
    • There are security reasons or restrictions that prevent delivery.

    What is FedEx SmartPost?

    SmartPost is a service by FedEx that delivers packages to the nearest post office to the final destination. USPS then delivers the packages to customers. SmartPost has a 98% on-time delivery rate but is slower than FedEx Ground and UPS SurePost. A pallet with a large barcode is sent to USPS each day, transferring all the necessary information. The service is less expensive and includes tracking information but has no service guarantee.

    FedEx SmartPost vs. Ground & Home Delivery

    FedEx Ground and Home Delivery typically take 2.5 days for transit within the U.S., while FedEx SmartPost takes about 4 days for transit and can be used for shipping to commercial and residential locations. On average, SmartPost takes 1.5 days longer than Ground and Home Delivery.

    FedEx SmartPost Return Tracking

    FedEx SmartPost Returns provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for returns, leveraging the strength of the FedEx network and public access points of the USPS. The service includes a prepaid USPS-integrated return label in the outgoing package, and customers can track their return with the label's tracking number. Although SmartPost may take a few extra days for non-time-sensitive packages, unified tracking with FedEx allows customers to track their package throughout the journey.

    About FedEx

    Founded in 1971, FedEx is a multinational delivery service based in Memphis, Tennessee. Originally named Federal Express, the company changed its name to FedEx in 2000. They provide services worldwide, including their well-known overnight shipping service and real-time package tracking system. The company's name is a syllabic abbreviation of its original air division, Federal Express. FedEx is also a major contractor of the US government and their logo features a hidden arrow.

    FedEx tracking statuses

    Status Description
    Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service USPS was notified about incoming package
    In transit to U.S. Postal Service Truck is hauling pallet of packages to USPS local post office
    In transit to local Post Office - Allow two to three additional days for delivery  
    Accepted by U.S. Postal Service USPS is now in possesion of your SmartPost package
    At local FedEx facility Being processed in FedEx sorting center
    Package delivered by U.S. Postal Service to addressee SmartPost package was delivered to addressee by USPS
    Scheduled for delivery next business day  
    Alternate delivery requested  
    Arrived at FedEx location  
    Customer not available or business closed  
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery  
    In transit  
    Departed FedEx location  
    Recipient unknown - Unable to deliver shipment - Returning to shipper  
    Barcode label unreadable and replaced  
    Picked up  
    Shipment information sent to FedEx  
    Tendered at FedEx location  
    Package received after final location pickup has occurred. Scheduled for pickup next business day.  

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