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    USPS tracking parcels

    The provision of postal service in the United States is the responsibility of the US Mail Service, which operates as an autonomous agency within the federal government.

    Below are sections explaining how to easily track packages sent via the US Mail. It's worth noting that, regardless of the tracking number you have, you can use our universal postal tracker to monitor the progress of your package.

    USPS Tracking

    When you send a package through the post office, the staff will assign it a US Mail Service Tracking Number, which is also referred to as a label or article number. Typically, this tracking number consists of 22 digits, although the number of digits may vary depending on the type of service you use. Different services may have different types of tracking numbers.

    To track your shipment, simply input your US Mail Service tracking number into the designated field above. It's a straightforward process that can be completed using the shipment reference number found in your shipment confirmation email or online store order page, which usually looks like 940****, 927***, 937***, 420***, Lx000000000CN.

    If the US Mail Service reports that no tracking information is available, it is recommended to check back periodically, as information is updated throughout the day.

    Whether you have arranged for a package pickup or have dropped a package off, this tracking tool can help you monitor the status of your shipment.

    The US Mail Service sorts all mail through its network of over 250 Processing and Distribution Centers located throughout the United States. Each center is responsible for sorting mail within a particular region, generally within a radius of 320 kilometers (200 miles), and is connected to the national network of the US Mail Service. Mail is typically sorted using an automated system, although manual sorting may be necessary in instances where an address cannot be identified by the system. All mail is marked with a bar code that assists in identifying the destination as the item travels through the US Mail Service system.

    USPS tracking provides status updates for packages and other mail items that have a label or receipt number. Priority Mail Express shipments will include point-by-point tracking details, while other services will only show when an item has been dispatched for delivery. Services that provide label numbers include Certified Mail, Collect on Delivery, Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail International, Priority Mail, Registered Mail, and Signature Confirmation.

    How to track USPS package?

    There are various methods for tracking a USPS package, including visiting the US Mail Service website, using a tracking portal like, via phone, email, or text. However, people generally opt to go directly to the US Mail website for domestic mail items/packages, or by using for packages originating from other countries.

    By inputting the tracking number of an item into the USPS Tracking website, you can access the latest status of that item. Depending on the item's status, origin and destination, class, and services, you may be able to take several actions if available.

    You can view the item's tracking history and determine which services and features are linked to it. You can also request emails and/or text messages about your item or a Proof of Delivery email. Additionally, if no one is available to accept your mailpiece, you can leave instructions for the carrier on where to leave it.

    For those who dislike manually typing a long USPS tracking number, there is an option to track a package by phone. Simply call 1-800-222-1811, and the customer service representatives will help you locate your mail item. All you need to do is provide them with your tracking number, and they will provide you with the latest update on your shipment.

    Track USPS by number

    To verify the delivery status of your mail, input your tracking or confirmation number in the designated field above.

    Once you hand over a parcel to your local US Mail Service counter, they will provide you with a 16-digit receipt that you should keep safe until the item is delivered. In the meantime, you can check the item's status through text or email.

    You may also access details by sending a text message with your tracking number to 28777.

    Enter the 16-digit USPS tracking barcode in the field below to obtain information about the item's transit or delivery.

    USPS Priority Domestic tracking

    If you need to send a package promptly, Priority Mail is an excellent choice for domestic deliveries in the US. Priority Mail is a parcel service for domestic deliveries offered by the United States Mail Service. It's a rapid and cost-effective method to send packages weighing up to 70 pounds within the US. When oversized envelopes or packages are too heavy to send via First-Class Mail, Priority Mail is the next best alternative in terms of pricing and transit time.

    How long does Priority Mail take?

    The duration of Priority Mail delivery varies from 1 to 3 business days, depending on the shipping locations. Shipping a package from New York to Philadelphia will generally take less time than sending it from New York to Los Angeles.

    USPS Priority Mail Domestic tracking

    US Mail Service Priority Mail is a service that provides complete package tracking, enabling you to monitor your shipment from the point of drop-off to final delivery.

    USPS Priority Mail International tracking

    This is another fast US Mail Service delivery option, but it typically takes 1 to 3 business days based on the location. Flat rate charges start from $6.65 and vary depending on the destination. However, compared to Priority Mail Express, this service is less expedited.

    USPS Priority International delivery times

    Transit times for Priority Mail International may differ based on the destination country. If you are shipping to nearby countries such as Canada or Mexico, you can expect an estimated transit time of around 6 business days, and similar transit times can be anticipated for major European destinations.

    For shipping to South America, Africa, or Asia from the United States, transit times for US Mail Service are more likely to be around 10 business days. The same transit times apply for US Mail Service Priority Mail international shipments to Australia.

    USPS Intelligent Mail barcode/USPS IMB tracking & tracing

    The Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) enables the sorting and tracking of letters, cards, and flats while providing a more versatile solution by accommodating multiple service requests within a single barcode.

    The IM barcode, consisting of 65 bars, is used to track mail within the United States and is a part of the Intelligent Mail services provided by the United States Postal Service for domestic mail delivery. It is designed to offer more information and functionality than its predecessors.

    Pitney Bowes can track mail with IMB tracking numbers that begin with "0031" (for example, 00310802097365396335). With IMb Tracing, mail pieces can be tracked throughout the automated processing journey, including the date, time, location, and processing information for each mail piece.

    When will my letter carrier or mail arrive?

    US Mail Service cannot provide an exact time for the arrival of a carrier or delivery person to a specific location as the daily mail volume varies, and delivery times are not guaranteed. Deliveries are expected to be completed by 5:00 p.m. local time every Monday through Saturday. However, unforeseen circumstances like traffic, staffing changes, severe weather, natural disasters, carrier route modifications, etc., can cause deliveries to be made after the designated time.

    What can I do if my mailpiece hasn't been delivered?

    To start, please review the delivery standard for the specific mail class of your domestic item. You can identify the mail class by inputting the US Mail Service® tracking number and selecting "Product Information." Then compare the mail class and its progress to the Mail Delivery Standards chart provided below.

    The delivery time for each mail class may vary. It is possible that the mailpiece is still in transit and has not been lost or delayed, depending on the mail class being used and when it was mailed. The following chart illustrates the delivery standards for various mail classes and specifies the length of time you should wait before contacting customer assistance with any concerns.

    How do you get your package with USPS delivered?

    The process of US Mail Service shipping begins with the seller bringing the package to the local post office or mailbox, with bigger companies like Amazon or eBay doing this daily, while smaller companies or private sellers may do so only once or twice a week. A postman then collects the package along with other shipments and transports them to a mail sorting facility via trucks. At these facilities, machines sort the packages based on shape and location, and arrange them in a way that allows machines to automatically read the addresses.

    After the initial sorting process, packages are sorted to their respective destinations by different machines. National shipments are delivered to the right location by trucks, and finally delivered to the recipient by a local postman. International packages have a longer journey as they have to pass through customs first, then sent to the destination country by plane, where the customs of the destination country inspect the packages again. This is why international packages take longer to arrive than national packages.

    USPS First Class Mail International Tracking

    USPS offers free tracking for First-Class Package Service-Retail and First-Class Package Service-Commercial. While First-Class Mail postcards, letters, and flats are not eligible for US Mail Service Tracking, they are eligible for other extra services that provide barcodes for scanning.

    Sending mail and small packages weighing up to four pounds internationally is affordable with First Class International. Although delivery times are not guaranteed, it generally takes between 7-21 days for deliveries to arrive. Mail may travel to its destination by ground, air, or a combination of both.

    You can track your international shipment using USPS International Tracking, which provides different levels of package tracking depending on the mail class. For Global Express Guaranteed and Priority Mail Express International, you can use the Track & Confirm tool to receive delivery status information. For Priority Mail International, delivery information is available for all packages except for select destinations when using Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelopes or Small Flat-Rate Boxes. Free tracking is available for select destinations for First Class Package International Service shipments.

    US Ground Mail tracking

    USPS Retail Ground offers an affordable and dependable option for shipping larger packages or items that don't require urgent delivery. This service includes US Mail Service Tracking, which is particularly useful for oversized packages that are not eligible for Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail. This service is exclusively available at US Mail Service Post Offices.

    What is USPS First Class Package International?

    The most affordable way to ship packages weighing 4 lbs or less through the US Mail Service is by using First Class Package International. This service enables you to book online, print shipping labels and Customs Documents, and drop off your package at any US Mail Service Post Office instead of paying expensive Post Office prices. Most destinations include tracking, allowing both the sender and recipient to track the delivery.

    After you've shipped your package, the USPS will send it internationally, and the final delivery will be made by the local Post Office in each destination. We recommend considering adding protection coverage to your booking when shipping overseas, and it is important to provide a local working contact number so that Customs or the courier can reach out to the recipient if there are any issues with the delivery. All items shipped internationally are delivered duty unpaid (DDU), meaning that any customs fees owed will be the responsibility of the recipient.

    How long does First Class Mail take?

    The transit times for US Mail Service's First Class Package International can vary depending on the delivery destination and the development of the local post office. The estimated transit time for this economy service is between 12 and 20 working days, although there may be delays during Customs clearance. If you require a faster shipping option or if your package weighs over 64oz/4lbs, USPS offers Priority Mail International to certain destinations where the local post service is reliable, including China, Canada, the UK, and many other locations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond.

    What can I do if my package hasn't been delivered?

    To track your domestic mail item, first, you need to identify the mail class by entering the USPS® Tracking number and checking the "Product Information." Then, you can refer to the Mail Delivery Standards chart in the "Delayed mail and packages?" section to compare the mail class and track the progress of your item. The chart indicates the expected delivery time and when to contact Customer Service in case of a delay. If your item shows an "Alert" status, a delay could be due to natural disasters or other events, so it is recommended to check the US Mail Service Service Alerts first.

    How long does it take for international first class mail?

    The delivery timeframe for First Class Mail International is typically 7-21 days, but the US Mail Service does not provide any guarantees for delivery dates or times. The transportation mode for the mail to reach its destination could be a combination of air or ground travel.

    USPS Expected Delivery Window

    If you are tracking your package, you may come across the Expected Delivery Window (ExDW), which is a 2-hour period during which you can anticipate the arrival of your item. Please note that delivery is not necessarily guaranteed within this timeframe, and your package may still be delivered by the end of the day even if it doesn't arrive during the expected window. To stay updated, please check the USPS Tracking® for the latest information.

    USPS Delivery Tracking

    The USPS offers various domestic and international services with different rates and delivery times. For domestic delivery, the rate for sending First Class Mail within the US is $0.49 for the first ounce, and $0.21 for each additional ounce. For larger items, the rate is $0.98 for the first ounce, and $0.21 for each additional ounce, and for parcels, it is $2.32 for the first three ounces and $0.18 for each additional ounce. Additionally, the US Mail Service offers Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail for guaranteed overnight or non-guaranteed day-specific delivery.

    For international delivery, the USPS provides First Class Mail International for small packages up to 1.8 kilograms or 4 pounds, with rates starting at $1.15 for postcards, envelopes, and flat mail items and $6.55 for parcels. Delivery times vary depending on the destination, and customs forms are required for all international mail.

    While the US Mail Service offers tracking numbers for most of its products, not all packages can be tracked, especially for First-Class International Letters. It's important for buyers to ensure that the seller did not use this service to track their package properly.

    It's worth noting that while the USPS handles delivery within the US, delivery outside the country is generally carried out by local mail services. For example, items sent with the US Mail Service to the United Kingdom will be delivered by the Royal Mail. The US Mail Service also provides Priority Mail International, Express Mail International, and Global Express Guaranteed for international shipping to almost every country in the world.

    What is USPS Informed Delivery?

    USPS has introduced a free service called Informed Delivery, which allows users to preview their mail and manage their incoming packages digitally. In addition, Informed Delivery also enables users to interact with special offers and other content directly from the Informed Delivery platform.

    Informed Delivery has made the process of receiving mail from USPS much more convenient. Users can now view information about their mail pieces before they arrive and take any necessary action.

    To access Informed Delivery, users simply log into their US Mail Service account and visit the Informed Delivery dashboard. There, they can view a picture of their package for up to 7 days and take action on delivered items for up to 15 days after delivery.

    What does USPS tracking number look like?

    USPS provides different tracking numbers for different types of services as listed below:

    • USPS Tracking®: 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
    • Priority Mail®: 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
    • Certified Mail®: 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
    • Collect On Delivery Hold For Pickup: 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
    • Global Express Guaranteed®: 82 000 000 00
    • Priority Mail Express International®: EC 000 000 000 US
    • Priority Mail Express®: 9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00, EA 000 000 000 US
    • Priority Mail International®: CP 000 000 000 US
    • Registered Mail™: 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
    • Signature Confirmation™: 9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00

    US Mail Service tracking statuses

    Status Description
    Status Not Available Status Not Available means that either you’ve entered a wrong tracking number or there are no updates available for that particular tracking number.
    Delivered Article has been delivered with a recorded time, location and date of delivery. We apologize if you have not received your item as indicated. If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered but you can't find it: Carrier may have placed it in a safer location, please check: Mailbox, Porch, Garage, Any area out of potential weather hazards, Exterior doors and any locations where the package could be placed.
    Pre-Shipment Info Sent, Awaiting Item. The US Mail Service was electronically notified by the shipper to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if/when available. This scan indicates that the shipper has notified the Postal Service that they intend to submit the item for processing and delivery.
    Acceptance This scan indicates that a Postal Service employee has accepted the item at a Post Office and/or that the carrier has picked up the item at a customer's residence/business.
    Delivered, Parcel Locker  
    Delivered, Front Desk/Reception  
    Delivered, To Mail Room  
    Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available) An unsuccessful delivery attempt was made by your carrier today.
    Customs Clearance  
    Processed Through Facility This scan indicates that the item has processed through and left a Postal Service processing facility. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
    Arrived at US Mail Service Facility  
    Arrived at Facility  
    Shipping Label Created  
    Departed US Mail Service Facility  
    Accepted at US Mail Service Origin Facility  
    Customs clearance processing complete  
    Departed Post Office  
    Arrived at US Mail Service Origin Facility  
    Departed Shipping Partner Facility  
    Shipment Picked Up  
    Picked Up  
    Alert Alert signify some detail or any other possible issue in the shipment of a mail item. Contact customer support for further help in this regard. If a mail package has been delivered successfully, then ignore this notice. However, if you haven’t received your package and it is under the “Alert” status, then please pay attention: you need to read and analyze the detailed tracking information carefully and contact the customer support for help.
    Arrived Shipping Partner Facility  
    Attempted Delivery Abroad  
    Arrival at Post Office  
    Arrived at Unit  
    Arrived at post office  
    Shipment Accepted  
    Attempted Delivery - Item being held, addressee being notified  
    Departed US Mail Service Destination Facility  
    Arrived at US Mail Service Destination Facility  
    Inbound Out of Customs  
    Incorrect Address - Addressee's address being verified  
    Released from US Customs  
    Processing Exception  
    Collect for Pick Up  
    Delivered, In/At Mailbox  
    Sorting Complete  
    Insufficient Address  
    Accepted at US Mail Service Destination Facility  
    Tendered to Military Agent  
    Addressee requested later delivery - Item being held at addressee's request  
    Delivered, To Agent  
    Addressee not available - Will attempt delivery on next working day  
    Unclaimed/Max Hold Time Expired  
    Picked Up by Shipping Partner, US Mail Service Awaiting Item  
    Missed delivery - Scheduled for another delivery attempt today  
    Incorrect Address - Item returned to sender  
    Departed US Mail Service Origin Facility  
    Moved, Left no Address  
    Shipping Label Created, US Mail Service Awaiting Item  
    Incorrect Address - Item forwarded / redirected  
    Does not meet customs requirements - Return to Sender  
    Return to Sender  
    Delivered, Garage or Other Location at Address  
    Addressee requested later delivery - Will attempt delivery on next working day  
    Undeliverable as Addressed  
    No Access Your carrier was unable to deliver to your address.
    Addressee not available - Scheduled for another delivery attempt today  
    Processing Exception, Regional Weather Delay  
    Held at Delivery Depot/Delivery Office  
    No Such Number  
    Addressee Unknown  
    Departed Shipping Partner Facility, US Mail Service Awaiting Item  
    Acceptance (SSK)  
    Notice Left This scan indicates that the item is ready for pickup at the Post Office. If it is unclaimed after a certain number of days it will be returned to the sender.
    Delivered, To Original Sender  
    Delivered, PO Box  
    Addressee cannot be located - Scheduled for another delivery attempt today  
    Return to Sender Processed  
    Available for Pickup  
    Arrived at Hub  
    Unclaimed - Item returned to sender  
    Arrival at Pick-Up Point  
    Held in US Customs  
    Held in Customs  
    Addressee requests own pick-up - Item being held, addressee being notified  
    Notice Left (No Secure Location Available)  
    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment  
    In Transit to Destination The item is currently in transit to the destination. Item is being processed or transported to your delivering Post Office™ facility. Additional tracking information will be available when it arrives at unit and is out for delivery. This scan may appear multiple times from the same facility and/or on different days as it is processed or in transit. Be assured that we are working to get this to you as soon as possible. If your item is running late, we apologize for the inconvenience.
    Dispatched from US Mail Service International Service Center  
    Missed delivery - Will attempt delivery on next working day  
    Item refused by addressee - Item returned to sender  
    Depart From Transit Office of Exchange  
    Payment of charges - Item being held, addressee being notified  
    Business Closed  
    Redelivery Scheduled  
    Accepted at US Mail Service Facility  
    Held at Post Office, Retrieved from full parcel locker  
    Item wrongly directed - Item forwarded / redirected  
    Arrival at Transit Office From Exchange  
    Delivered, Individual Picked Up at Post Office  
    RECEPTACLE BLOCKED Carrier did not have access to mailbox to complete delivery.
    Delivery status not updated Item arrived for delivery; however, it has not yet been processed for delivery.
    Attempted Delivery - Scheduled for another delivery attempt today  
    Tendered to Postal Service  
    Delivered, Left with Individual  
    Item damaged - Item not delivered - Item being held, addressee being notified  
    Delivered, Individual Picked Up at Postal Facility  
    Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, US Mail Service Awaiting Item  
    Held at Post Office, At Customer Request  
    Delivered, Front Door/Porch  
    Attempted Delivery - Item forwarded / redirected  
    Out for Delivery  
    In Transit to Destination. The item is currently in transit to the destination.  
    Departed US Mail Service Regional Facility  
    Arrived at US Mail Service Regional Facility  
    Delivered, Front Door/Porch. Your item was delivered at the front door or porch  
    Arrived at Post Office  
    Arrived at US Mail Service Regional Destination Facility  
    Arrived at US Mail Service Regional Origin Facility  
    Accepted at US Mail Service Regional Origin Facility  
    Item Accepted/Picked Up for Initial Processing  
    Picked Up by Shipping Partner, US Mail Service Awaiting Item.  
    Sorry - we don't recognise that reference number. Please check your reference number or try again later – it takes 24 hours for them to appear in our system.  
    Arrival at Delivery Office This scan indicates that the item was scanned at the final postal unit where delivery of the item will take place.
    Arrival at Sorting Center  
    US Mail Service in possession of item  

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