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    Aussie Post Tracking in Australia

    AusPost, the largest government-run logistics company in Australia, provides customers with affordable parcel tracking services. With a commitment to achieving excellence, AusPost ensures reliable postal services for people both domestically and internationally.

    As the successor of the Post Master's General Department, AusPost offers online parcel tracking for 329 express and postal couriers worldwide. It provides a variety of services, including Australia Post Parcel, Australia Post Package, Australia Post Express Shipping, and Australia Post Tracking. Additionally, AusPost is expanding its scale to reach Australia's vast rural outback, international delivery options, and last-mile logistics.

    To reduce its impact on the environment, AusPost has introduced a unique and carbon-neutral delivery service and has incorporated the use of electric vehicles. AusPost also collaborates with major logistics networks such as DHL, TNT, China Post, FedEx, and UPS.

    Tracking all AusPost parcels is made easy by using the Australia Post tracking number issued upon receiving an email from the retailer notifying you that your order has been shipped with AusPost. You can track your AusPost packages globally without worrying about losing them.

    How to find Australia Post (AusPost) tracking number?

    Looking for your tracking number for an Australia Post (AusPost) shipment? Depending on the service you chose, there are a few different places you can find it.

    If you're the sender, you can usually find your tracking number on the receipt you received after sending your item at a Post Office. For items sent via a tracked service like prepaid satchels, the tracking number can be found on the barcode or removable sticker on your package.

    As the recipient, you'll receive emails from either the retailer or Australia Post tracking confirming your order and providing you with a tracking number and delivery status. To receive these updates, you'll need to provide the e-commerce store with your contact information, and the tracking number will be provided as part of AusPost's free Track Advice service.

    If I lost my Australia Post tracking number for my package, how do I track my item?

    In order to track the delivery progress of your package, you must have your Australia Post tracking number since the volume of packages handled by Australia Post at any given time is substantial. If you have lost your Australia Post package tracking number, regrettably, Australia Post cannot assist you in tracking or tracing your item.

    Australia Mail tracking statuses

    When the Australia Post tracking status says “possible delay”, it indicates that there are certain issues during the delivery process that may cause a delay in your package’s expected delivery date. Some common reasons for such delays could be weather conditions or public emergencies. You can stay updated on any service updates from Australia Post. Another possible reason could be an error from the sender. In either case, your package will still be delivered, but it may take longer than anticipated.

    The tracking status “pending” for your package on Australia Post could mean that your item has not yet been scanned through the system. This might be due to various reasons such as posting the parcel in a street posting box or posting in bulk over the counter, which might cause a delay of up to 48 hours. Alternatively, it could also mean that your parcel has an outdated tracking number that hasn't been active for over two months. In such cases, you should contact the Australia Post customer service team or the retailer for an updated tracking number.

    If the tracking status of your Australia Post parcel says “can’t be delivered”, it suggests that there are some errors or issues due to which Australia Post is unable to deliver your package to the provided address. In this case, you will receive instructions from Australia Post to collect your parcel. Please note that the “can’t be delivered” email notification cannot be turned off in your account settings as it is essential for Australia Post to inform you of such instances.

    Status Description
    Contact sender ‘Contact sender’ means that your item has been returned to the sender. If this happens, Aussie Post will let the sender know why the item has been returned to them. You should contact the sender of the item directly for an update.
    Processed Through Facility  
    Arrived at Facility  
    Invalid track ID The 'invalid tracking ID' status could mean: a) you've entered the wrong number – please double check it and try again; b) the number isn't being recognised by our system – please wait 24 hours and try again; c) the item you're tracking is more than two months old
    In transit You may see 'in transit' as your parcel status for a few days. This is because, between origin and destination, Aussie Post often won't rescan your parcel. But it is moving through the parcel network.
    Delivered Great news, your parcel has been 'delivered'!
    Attempted delivery - redirected to Post Office  
    Pending 'Pending – no events yet' means your item hasn't been scanned yet. Try tracking your item again in 24 hours – the status should have been updated.
    Possible delay ‘Possible delay’ means we’ve received your item, but delivery might be delayed due to something like a flood or traffic incident. For international parcels, they may need to be inspected further by Customs. Try tracking your item in another day or so, or contact the sender to follow up.
    Not trackable You might see the status 'product not trackable' or 'sorry, this item can't be tracked' if you're using an international delivery service that doesn't come with tracking as a standard feature.
    Despatched Despatched means: a) your parcel is on its way overseas, has been received into the international system and is awaiting delivery, or b) you have an item coming to you from an international location and it has been despatched by the sender
    Awaiting Collection Good news! 'Awaiting collection' means that your item is waiting for you at the Post Office indicated on the card left in your letterbox, or in the SMS / email notification Aussie Post sent you.
    Processing ‘Processing’ means Aussie Post received and approved the shipping information that the sender has entered into their online system.
    Started The status 'started' means that the sender has entered shipping details into Aussie Post online system, but we haven't received it yet. Try tracking your item again in 24 hours – the status should have been updated.
    Unable to gain access ‘Unable to gain access’ means there was a reason Aussie Post couldn’t access the property to deliver your item, like a locked gate or a dog. In these cases, your parcel will be taken to a nearby Post Office, and the postie will leave a card to let you know where and when you can collect it.
    Unsuccessful pickup ‘Unsuccessful pickup’ means a pickup has been booked for the parcel, but Aussie Post were unable to collect it. This could be because no one was at the pickup address or Aussie Post couldn’t gain access, the address was incorrect, or the parcel wasn’t ready to be collected.
    Scheduled for delivery processing  
    Scheduled for despatch  
    Customer Enquiry lodged ‘Customer enquiry lodged’ means either the sender or addressee has contacted Aussie Post Customer Care team with an enquiry about this item. It doesn’t relate to the physical location of your parcel.
    Carded - awaiting collection  
    Transfer to delivery agent  
    Arrived at facility in destination country  
    Return item from customs (Otb)  
    Attempted delivery  
    Item Lodged  
    Received by overseas carrier  
    Delivery status not updated. The delivery status for this item has not been updated  
    Distribution to PO Box in Progress  
    Sorting Complete  
    On board with driver  
    Arrived at Post Office  
    Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility  
    Arrived at facility  
    Departure from outward office of exchange  
    Processed through facility  
    Delivered to community mailbox, parcel locker or apt./condo mailbox  
    Item out for delivery  
    Item processed  
    Item arrived  
    Delivered to community mailbox, parcel locker or apt./condo mailbox  
    In transit  
    Item processed  
    Item arrived  
    Item in transit  
    Item departed  
    Item was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing  
    Item departed  
    Import clearance start  
    Item was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing  
    Import clearance success  
    Electronic information submitted by shipper  
    Airline departed from original country  
    Uplifted from Transshipment Hub  
    Hand over to airline  
    Security check successed  
    Item despatched to Transshipment hub  
    Received by line-haul  
    Processed at origin hub  
    Received shipment  
    Outbound in sorting center  
    Inbound in sorting center  
    Accepted by carrier  
    Waiting for pickup  
    Shipment confirmation  
    Shipment picked up by Canada Post  

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